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Conveyor Engineering


Conveyor Engineering

Pinnacle Engineering specializes in conveyor engineering,
and the integration of conveyors and conveyor systems into
new and existing plant configurations.  We also provide project management services, on-site start-up and commissioning
support and worker training for conveyors and all types of
material handling systems. 

Pinnacle conveyor engineering specialists have extensive
experience in automotive manufacturing and assembly,
and in packaging and warehouse/ distribution facilities. 
A special division within Pinnacle is devoted to conveyor
engineering and related services for airport baggage
and high-volume parcel transport.  

Pinnacle's six conveyor engineering specialists have an
average of 20 years direct experience with power and free,
overhead power and free, skillet conveyors and two-strand
roller conveyors used in heavy-service applications. 
We have excellent credentials as well for the engineering
of electrified monorail systems.  Electrified monorail systems
designed by Pinnacle frequently incorporate vertical and
horizontal bends, lift-and-lower stations and other
special features.

Conveyor engineering is a Pinnacle core specialty. 
Programs often include detailed simulation modeling
which demonstrates how a proposed conveyor concept will
perform in a specific environment before resources are
committed to detail engineering and manufacturing.

Companies considering a material handling upgrade to
add flexibility or capacity can benefit substantially from a
Constraint Analysis Study.  This study precisely identifies
factors that limit capacity and provides detailed
recommendations on overcoming those limits in the
most cost-effective manner.


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  Conveyor Engineering

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Pinnacle Engineering is
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