Material Handling and Conveyor Problem Solving
Material Handling and Conveyor Problem Solving
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Material Handling and Conveyor Problem Solving


Material Handling /
Conveyor Problem Solving

If you’re a facility or operations manager, you need to solve
conveyor problems, and other material handling problems, quickly. 

For more than 25 years, the Pinnacle Engineering team has
worked with facility managers, plant engineers and plant
maintenance managers to solve virtually every type of material
handling problem, from large, system-wide issues to “nuisance”
problems that, while not critical, increase costs and downtime. 
We also work with major conveyor manufacturers to troubleshoot
systems and help their customers optimize production.

Most of the time, a material handling problem, or conveyor problem
can be diagnosed accurately and quickly, and in most cases, solved
extensive equipment additions or shut-downs.

If you have a material handling problem, you don’t need a sales
call and a “get-acquainted” session.  You need a qualified conveyor
engineer with the tools and experience to identify solutions and
recommend those that suit your needs and budget.

We believe we have more hands-on experience, and more
material handling problem solving ability, than any engineering
company in the field.  Here are some of the problems customers
ask us to solve.

  • Our conveyor problem is, the system “works,” but develops
    bottlenecks.  How can these be minimized, or prevented? 
  • How can we increase the reliability of our conveyor system
    without a costly overhaul?
  • We have throughput issues – we’re just not consistently
    making our rate for a section of the conveyor system. 
  • Our conveyor problem is intermittent transfer faults without
    a discernible pattern.  Is this a material handling problem
    you can solve?
  • Our material handling problem is a power and free conveyor
    that experiences a persistent drive overload condition.
    The drive trips 3X a day.  We can’t determine if it’s a trolley
    lube issue, acomponent on the turn, a take-up mis-adjustment -
    or something else.  Is this a material handling problem
    you can solve?
  • We’ve had a series of unidentified fault conditions with our
    material handling system.
  • We’ve had modifications and add-ons to our conveyor and it
    probably isn’t working at peak efficiency.  Can you give us
    some options for improvement?

Pinnacle can provide the material handling problem
solving you need now. Call us, or click here.  If the challenge
you face is within our realm of expertise, we’ll provide an
initial consultation by a highly experienced conveyor engineer, 
at no charge. Call Pinnacle today . . . 586-226-3300.

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  Material Handling and Conveyor Problem Solving
Material Handling
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